‘Kimekomi’ is the method of inserting cloths into the carved lines with special tools, traditionally onto a mold wood, in order to dress the dolls. ‘Edo Kimekomi Doll’ is designated as "Traditional Crafts" by the Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.

Kimekomi is the technique to curve 1-2mm of grooves on wooden body of doll, and put the glue into those grooves where the edge of clothing is tucked in. About 260 years ago left over clothes from costumes of Shinto shrine or festival were used for Kimekomi, which is counted as the beginning, and afterwards, clay models was introduced to Edo and that eenabled to from the doll's shape more freely.

  • No.091-CA032 | Hana Utage

  • No.091-CB034 | Yayoi Kobako

  • No.091-CB033 | Shinju Zakura

  • No.091-AA025 | An

  • No.091-AA021 | Ohbi